Lines by Philippe Malouin Lines began through experimenting and sketching with wax crayons. Philippe Malouin instinctively traced parallel lines and focused on the irregularity created by the crayons. “I thought it might be interesting to try and replicate this irregularity in a rug.” The design evolved through trial and error with the final aesthetic being very much part of an experimental process. Working closely with art-director Daniele Lora, special Tibetan craftsmanship was combined with a clever “dip-dying” technique for coloring the Himalayan wool. The combination of which achieved the same imprecise feeling of the original drawings, irregular lines with soft and uneven tones. This irregularity is accentuated during production when one weaver takes over from another. Each weaver uses a different ball of yarn which results in a “glitch” in the design which starts to take a stylistic shape of its own, giving the same impression of when drawing with wax crayons. A particular feature which makes each rug completely unique from each another. The perfect mixture of vision, design and craftsmanship, Lines is a minimal yet essential collection of rugs with a very simple off-white and monochromatic color palette.




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