Stroke by Sabine Marcelis The Stroke collection was really about creating a singular gesture as a rug. A simple brush stroke which highlights the extraordinary craftsmanship of woven rugs. The varied pile height and subtle color differences accentuate the 3 dimensionalities of these rugs. A drawing, ‘stroke’ on the floor  ‘Rooms become a canvas’ The total interior is the artwork. The stroke is the start of it, complemented by and complimenting the rest of the furniture to complete the artwork. The stroke symbolizes a start, to build upon. Simple, yet strong gestures as inspiration: The pure act of whiting out windows by brushing on white paint. The strong singular gesture of a Roy Lichtenstein painting One act which really brings out the materiality and showcases the beauty of the production process. Subtle differences in color provide the effect, color is used as a design tool, not ornamentally Drawing on the floor Versatility It demands its own attention but can coexist and complement other furniture in a space. It’s not too loud, but it is powerful. I thought of my own interior and what kind of a rug I would place in it. There is already so many diverse furniture pieces, the rug would need to pull it all together and not create chaos out of the total.




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