Renson presents the final version of the decentralised Endura Twist ventilation system as a modular construction system. The sensor-controlled alternating mechanical ventilation system, with heat recovery, which has already been available for some time, was tailored during its development to the requirements of a burgeoning ventilation market and covered a broad range of services with its modular construction. With a heat recovery efficiency of better than 80% at 30 m³/h air output, the system achieves the best efficiency class A+. The integrated bypass technology circumvents the heat exchanger if need be and in this way allows use in summer as an automatic ventilation and extraction system. With a minimum length of only 750 mm, Endura Twist makes it possible to use even very narrow window openings. In the final version, Endura Twist is just as suitable for renovation as for new builds. It can be used as a standalone system, but can also be incorporated into a building management system. It can be installed visibly, clad with drylining systems or plastered, horizontally above a window or vertically to the side of a window. Integration of a vertical sunscreen with ZIP guiding system is possible. With this extensive range of uses, Endura Twist is recommended for all applications in both renovation and new building, which cannot be achieved with a central ventilation system, because of ceiling heights that are too low, for example in residential construction or prefabricated building.




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