Hunterhouse Design project Malibu, CA

Location: Malibu, CA
Designer: Marc Berger

The Malibu Project, completed in 2023 under the exquisite direction of Marc Berger, is a testament to luxury and elegance in outdoor furniture design. This project incorporates a blend of high-end brands and materials, seamlessly integrating comfort with sophistication.

Featured Products:

  • Point 1920 – Sir Lounge Armchair

    • Structure: Gun Metal Gray/Teak
    • A perfect blend of robust gun metal gray framing with the warmth of teak, the Sir Lounge Armchair by Point 1920 is a statement piece that offers both durability and style.
  • Meridiani Open Air – Cloud Small Armchair

    • Structure: Iroko Teak
    • The Cloud Small Armchair, part of the Meridiani Open Air collection, features Iroko teak structure, combining timeless design with the enduring quality of teak.
  • Bonacina 1889 – PALLET Love Seat Sofa

    • Dimensions: 42.5″ x 76.3″ x 28.5″ H
    • Structure: Iroko
    • This spacious love seat by Bonacina 1889, with its elegant Iroko structure, offers a luxurious seating experience that is both comfortable and visually appealing.
  • Seora Belvedere – Sunlounger Double Edition
    • Features: Adjustable Back
    • Structure: Mahogany Oil Finish
    • The Seora Belvedere Sunlounger is a double edition with an adjustable back, crafted with a mahogany oil finish, ensuring both comfort and a sleek design.
  • Meridiani Open Air – Relax Lounge Bed

    • Structure: Iroko Teak
    • The Relax Lounge Bed from Meridiani Open Air collection showcases the beauty of Iroko teak in a form that invites relaxation and luxury in outdoor lounging.
  • Tuuci Umbrella – OCEAN MASTER M1 Classic

    • Size: 7.5″ Square
    • Structure: Aluma-teak Natural
    • To complete the setting, the Ocean Master M1 Classic umbrella by Tuuci provides ample shade with its elegant and sturdy aluma-teak natural structure.

Each piece in this project has been carefully selected to harmonize with Malibu’s coastal aesthetic, ensuring that functionality meets luxury in every aspect. Marc Berger’s vision has been brought to life through the use of these premium brands and materials, creating an outdoor space that is not only beautiful but also timeless.

In the context of this project, Malibu’s unique coastal environment plays a pivotal role in shaping the design and selection of furniture. Known for its stunning beaches, serene landscapes, and a lifestyle that epitomizes relaxed elegance, Malibu serves as the perfect backdrop for this collection of luxury outdoor furniture. The design ethos for this project was deeply influenced by the city’s affinity for seamless indoor-outdoor living, making the most of the natural beauty and temperate climate.

The furniture pieces selected for the Malibu Project not only complement the natural surroundings but also enhance the luxurious outdoor living experience. Each item, from the sleek lines of the Point 1920 armchairs to the comfortable elegance of the Seora Belvedere sunlounger, has been chosen with an eye towards integrating with the scenic views and laid-back ambiance of Malibu. This project goes beyond mere aesthetics; it embraces the lifestyle and spirit of Malibu, creating spaces that are perfect for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the quintessential coastal living experience.

Marc Berger’s design approach in this project was to create a harmonious balance between modern luxury and the natural charm of Malibu. The result is a space that feels both sophisticated and welcoming, a true reflection of the Malibu ethos where elegance meets comfort in the most effortless way.