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Pratic, founded in 1960, stands as a pioneer in Italian design and production of sun awnings, pergolas, and outdoor structures. Over half a century, Pratic has transformed open-air living with innovation patents and a commitment to quality evident in every project. Niche Beverly, recognizing Pratic’s excellence, offers a wide range of their products.

During more than half a century of history, Pratic has always been the protagonist of an evolved connection with the outdoor environment. This has allowed it to create innovative solutions such as pergolas – structures that have totally revolutionized the way of experiencing outdoor living spaces. No more boundaries between inside and outside, but rather an uninterrupted connection that links two worlds to live freely in private housing and contract spaces. The genesis of Pratic pergolas stems from this assumption and continues with an unmistakable design, completed by the ability to create a simple Made in Italy product.

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Inspired by the most ancient sheltering structures of the Mediterranean world, today, pergolas create new spaces enjoyable all year round, creating new volumes, valuable brightness, and incomparable comfort. Pratic aluminium pergolas can be installed anywhere, designed to enhance every architectural context. They are available in self-supporting or wall-mounted versions, harmoniously inclined or aligned with the horizon.

Awnings, a combination of technology and elegance, represent Pratic’s first project. Since 1960, the company has offered a wide range of sun covers, continuously innovating their use and design. The modern Pratic creations, like awnings with extendable arms or vertical drop-down, are continuously updated. Advanced solutions enable movement or lighting via smartphone or remote control, with automation through integrated sensors.

The innovations in Pratic’s T-Project, a revolutionary line of outdoor awnings, are designed to offer high-performing products with clean aesthetics. The awnings for terraces expand outdoor shade with sophistication, while awnings for balconies provide perfect light filtration for indoor spaces. Each awning is a custom-made project, combining functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Pratic also offers a new color range for painting aluminium boxes and a Fabrics Collection, featuring high-performance materials.

The new generation of drop-down awnings, perfect for creating sheltered privacy spaces, offers excellent performance in all weather conditions. The Power Spring System and Magnetic Lock System technologies ensure fabric tautness in any position, rewinding inside the box in bad weather. Retractable arm awnings, with an elegant box for the awning when closed, can be controlled via remote control or smartphone. This advanced solution withstands strong winds with the patented FlexControl system.

Niche Beverly offers an extensive selection of Pratic products, ideal for those looking to elevate their outdoor spaces. From pergolas to awnings, each item reflects the innovation and quality that Pratic is known for. Visit Niche Beverly to explore the range and find the perfect Pratic product to enhance your patio or garden.