Dining Tables

Niche Beverly in Los Angeles offers a diverse selection of indoor dining tables, manufactured by various brands. These tables cater to a range of styles and needs, ensuring that every dining room can find its perfect centerpiece.

Concrete dining tables present a modern look, perfect for contemporary dining rooms. Tables made from wood, such as acacia and teak, bring a warm, rustic feel, suitable for farmhouse-themed spaces. Acacia wood tables, known for their durability, are a popular choice.

For larger gatherings, Niche Beverly provides 8 seater and 12 seater dining tables. These long tables accommodate more guests and are ideal for family dinners or hosting events. Round tables, on the other hand, are perfect for more intimate settings and fit well in smaller dining rooms.

Niche Beverly also offers dining tables in unique materials like marble and ceramic, adding a touch of luxury and elegance. Mosaic designs on some tables serve as a focal point, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Versatility is key in modern homes. Foldable dining tables from Niche Beverly are perfect for those who require space-saving solutions. These tables are easy to store and set up, ideal for homes with limited space.

For a coordinated look, Niche Beverly offers benches and white chairs that complement their dining tables. Benches provide an alternative seating option, often saving space and adding a casual feel to the dining area.

In addition to indoor tables, Niche Beverly offers patio tables for those who enjoy dining outside. These tables, including options in rattan, are designed to withstand outdoor elements while maintaining style and comfort.

Explore Niche Beverly’s collection of indoor dining tables to find the perfect table for your space. With options ranging from concrete to wood, and sizes to fit every room, Niche Beverly ensures your dining room becomes a harmonious blend of function and style. Visit Niche Beverly for an exceptional dining table selection.