Side table

Niche Beverly offers a diverse selection of outdoor side tables, each crafted by various esteemed brands. These tables come in a multitude of materials, including metal, wood, and concrete, to suit different outdoor settings. The collection features both traditional and modern designs, perfect for complementing any patio style. For those who favor a natural look, the wood and rattan options stand out. In contrast, metal and concrete tables add a contemporary edge to outdoor spaces.

The range includes tables of various shapes and sizes. The small, round tables are ideal for compact spaces, while the larger square and drum-shaped options cater to more spacious areas. For a touch of elegance, the ceramic and terrazzo tables, with their unique finishes, are excellent choices. The DIY enthusiasts can find joy in customizing their outdoor furniture to match their personal style.

In terms of color and texture, Niche Beverly’s collection does not disappoint. From the classic grey of concrete to the natural brown of teak, there is a color to fit every palette. The mosaic and colorful terrazzo tables add a vibrant touch, perfect for those who enjoy a splash of color in their outdoor decor. For a more traditional look, the farmhouse-style tables in green and blue hues offer a quaint charm.

For those seeking durability and value, the aluminum, plastic, and wrought iron tables provide robust options at affordable prices. The glass top tables add a sleek, modern touch, perfect for a contemporary patio setting.

To enhance your outdoor living space with style and functionality, explore the outdoor side table collection at Niche Beverly. From rustic to modern, colorful to muted, there is a table for every taste and requirement. Visit Niche Beverly today to find the perfect outdoor side table that complements your patio and lifestyle.