Poufs/ Ottomans

Get ready to add the wow factor to your home with ottomans and poufs! These fantastic furniture pieces are perfect for enhancing the look of any room and adding a touch of class. Not only are they stylish, but many of them come with a convenient storage area, and you can even use an ottoman stool to reach those hard-to-reach areas while cleaning. We know it can be overwhelming with over 6,000 different ottomans and poufs, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

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When choosing an ottoman, the material type is one of the first factors to consider. Leather ottomans are popular because they’re durable, comfortable, and great for mid-century modern designs. But microfiber and polyester options are also available in various colors for your upholstered ottoman.

Like every home and room, Ottomans and poufs come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a square, rectangle, round, wedge, oval, or novelty shape, we’ve got you covered. We have over a dozen styles, so no matter your home’s style, we have something for you. We’ve got you covered from cabin and rustic to country/cottage and coastal.

Whether you prefer solid colors or bold patterns, we have over half a dozen upholstery options for you to choose from. You can even select special features like a sleeper or glider, storage ottoman coffee table, or eco-friendly design.

Size matters when it comes to ottomans, and we have both large and small options to fit any purpose. Choose a large ottoman to blend with your sectional sofa or a small one to accent a small chair or lounge.

Combine any of these features to create your perfect ottoman or pouf. A round-tufted ottoman can pair well with a chenille couch or glam coffee table. Check out the shape, design, style, print, and special features your new ottoman or pouf can be configured with.

With considerations like shape, color, type, upholstery material, price, features, size, style, height, width, and depth, we have something for every customer. Our satisfied visitors rave about the rich size, fabulous color, amazing quality, great storage area, and awesome price. Don’t wait any longer to elevate your home’s style with a new ottoman or pouf.