Poufs/ Ottomans

Outdoor ottomans and poufs have become essential in enhancing outdoor living spaces. Niche Beverly offers a diverse range from various brands, ensuring there’s something for every patio and garden. The range includes bean bag styles for a casual and fun element. For more functional choices, storage ottomans provide a dual purpose, serving as seating and storage solutions.

The selection of patio furniture includes round poufs and outdoor wicker ottomans. These pieces add comfort and style to any outdoor area. Wicker patio ottomans offer durability and a classic look, blending seamlessly with different outdoor decor themes. For those preferring natural materials, jute poufs bring an earthy feel to outdoor spaces.

In addition to style, these pieces contribute significantly to outdoor seating options. Floor poufs create extra seating without taking up much space. They are ideal for gatherings or solitary relaxation. For comfort, foot stools are available, perfect for lounging on sunny afternoons or during evening gatherings.

Niche Beverly ensures that quality and design go hand in hand. Explore the range to find the perfect outdoor ottoman or pouf to elevate your outdoor living experience.