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Manutti specializes in outdoor furniture, creating spaces that extend comfortably outdoors. Their range includes daybeds, lounge sets, and the Malibu series, ideal for relaxing outside. Additionally, Manutti offers various bar stools, perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings.

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When it comes to tables, Manutti showcases an impressive array. From side tables to coffee tables and dining tables, their collection enhances outdoor living spaces with both function and style. Their chairs are diverse, including comfortable bar stools that suit various environments.

Manutti’s furniture collections reflect their dedication to unique and stylish outdoor furniture. The Radius collection adds charm to any outdoor area. For a more organic touch, the Kumo collection stands out. The Elements collection is another testament to Manutti’s stylish outdoor furniture, while the Zendo Sense Collection offers refined designs. The Quarto collection includes a range of dining, high dining, and coffee tables. The Mood collection is known for its lightweight and durable resin wicker furniture.

The Cascade collection by Manutti Studio includes sofas, armchairs, and daybeds, perfect for any outdoor setting. The Air collection is a modular outdoor sofa and table collection featuring aluminium. The Fuse collection showcases outdoor seating and tables with clean lines and customizable options. The Trento collection is known for its outdoor tables with a stainless steel structure and versatile tabletop options.

The San collection, designed by Lionel Doyen for Manutti, merges Japanese art with minimalist style. The River collection reflects Manutti’s outdoor furniture expertise. The Minus outdoor table, designed by Stephane De Winter, is ideal for those seeking minimalistic designs. The Helios collection showcases Manutti’s modern approach to outdoor furniture.

Manutti is also known for its teak furniture. The Loop chair collection is a modern garden furniture design. Their products also feature a unique lava color. The Siena collection includes teak-made modular sofas, sunbeds, chairs, and armchairs. Lastly, the Aspen collection includes cushion boxes, sofas, and loungers, demonstrating Manutti’s versatility.

Niche Beverly offers a wide range of Manutti products. From outdoor living setups to dining arrangements, Niche Beverly provides a variety of options for those seeking Manutti’s elegant and durable furniture. Whether it’s the sleek design of the Radius collection or the minimalist charm of the San series, Niche Beverly ensures every choice reflects excellence.

For those looking to transform their outdoor spaces, Niche Beverly’s selection of Manutti furniture offers unparalleled quality and style. Explore the diverse collections, from the Mood to the Helios, and find the perfect pieces for your outdoor oasis. Visit Niche Beverly to discover the full range of Manutti’s exquisite outdoor furniture collections.