Harp 349 Dining Chair

Harp 349 Dining Chair

Harp 349 Dining Chair

Available Size:

W 20.9″ x D 23.6″ x H 31.9″ x Seat H 17.75″


Inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s Scandinavian furniture designs, Road Collection designed by Rodolfo Dordoni combine design and handcrafting, tradition and technology, have been combined into an innovative project that reminds one of nature and where the teak is a protagonist. Road is a collection for outdoors, composed of chairs, armchairs and modular sofas where seats are made from a stretched net anchored to a “clean” teak structure, with an essential but very comfortable shape. Road is a transversal and flexible collection, which fits in every background, suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

THE HYDRO DRAINING TECHNOLOGY: The upholstered collections have perfected the notion of breathability in hydro draining cushions, attaining the highest level of complexity and efficiency. For the upholstered collections, RODA combines open-cell polyurethanes of different.

Frame Finish:
Inox Frame with Tobacco Cord
Milk Frame with Olive Cord
Milk Frame with Sand Cord
Smoke Frame with Grey Cord
Smoke Frame with Olive Cord

Fabric Options: S21 White, S23 Sand, S25 Steel, S26 Stone, S28 Nut


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Harp 349 Dining Chair

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