Linarte Outdoor Light

Linarte Outdoor Light

Linarte Outdoor Light

Linarte Outdoor Light is the perfect garden lighting for both balmy summer nights and chilly winter nights. The aluminum fittings are available in various RAL colors, and with LEDs, it blends in nicely with the other Linarte garden elements for a stylish overall look!

Linarte Outdoor Light comes in two heights (12.8” and 20.28”) and four versions. You can choose LED outdoor lighting on the front, a double LED lamp (front and rear), or a combination of LEDs at the front and a wall outlet at the back.


Looking for an elegant and durable outdoor light? Look no further than the Linarte Outdoor Light. This light is made of aluminium and is available in all RAL colors. It is 12.8” tall and 4.72” deep, with a breadth of 3.23”. The Linarte Outdoor Light is also available in a medium size, which is 20.28” tall and has the same depth and breadth. Both versions of the light come with several options, including a lamp and power socket, power socket only, or lamp only at front (with the option to have the lamp on the front and rear side as well). The Linarte Outdoor Light uses LED bulbs that are encapsulated in opal polyurethane, making them resistant to water, UV, saltwater, solvents, and shocks. These LEDs provide a warm white light with a color temperature of 3500 K. The light output is 370 lumens per meter. The Linarte Outdoor Light operates on 24 V and comes with a power supply. It also has an impermeability class of IP67 and a shock resistance class of IK10, making it one of the most durable outdoor lights on the market.


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Linarte Outdoor Light

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