Panarea Service Table

Panarea Service Table

Panarea Service Table

The Panarea service table is made entirely of glossy glazed ceramic molded by casting.
This production method consists in pouring the clay slurry into a plaster mold, which absorbs the water to create a thick layer of clay.
Once finished, the piece is left to dry completely and then baked at more than 1000°, creating the so-called “biscuit”.
At this point, the biscuit is airbrushed in the colors required and baked again at about 980°. If the glazing is suitable, the piece is ready.
The term casting refers to the act of filling the clay mold.
Clay slurry is a fluid mixture of clay.


Diameter: 47 cm Height: 56 cm Weight: 20,6 Kg Volume: 0,1 m3

Comes in Materials:

  • Verde smeraldo
  • Terracotta


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Panarea Service Table

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