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POINT 1920: A Century of Design Innovation and Global Expansion

Since its inception in 1920, POINT 1920 has been committed to design and innovation in the production of outdoor furniture. From its rattan use to incorporate new materials, POINT 1920's path has been intertwined with design, bringing together beauty, elegance, luxury, and innovation.

Over four generations, POINT 1920 has built a global brand in over 70 countries. Every design reflects the evolution of outdoor furniture design, revealing a century of history shaped by a passion for design, an innovative and international vision, and the tireless quest for excellence in product quality.

José Pons Pedro founded POINT 1920 in Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), using his passion and knowledge of wicker weaving in his workshop. From the outset, artisanal work with an international outlook became POINT 1920's life philosophy.

The design has always been a badge of identity, driving the brand's growth. In the 1950s, Juan Bautista Pons, son of the founder, led the company to undertake a strategic international expansion, exporting products and setting up a production plant in the United States to be closer to the market.

Gabriel Pons, a designer and artist, modernized rattan furniture production in the 1970s, becoming a leading force in Valencian design. The design enabled POINT 1920 to consolidate its position in international markets, taking an open and innovative approach to color, upholstery, and the incorporation of new materials.

In the 1980s, POINT 1920 switched its manufacturing to Vietnam due to restrictions on exporting raw materials to Southeast Asian countries. This allowed the company to make serious inroads into Asia under the global, forward-looking vision of the fourth generation of the Pons family.

Design and internationalization have continued to define POINT 1920 in recent years, with close to 1,000 projects in 70 countries and branches in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. POINT 1920 has collaborated with an extensive list of designers who have contributed their talent and ideas to the company's catalog. By trusting in external designers' knowledge of raw materials and their ability to evolve and create new materials that can offer solutions and withstand adverse weather conditions, POINT 1920 has created a history of innovation.

POINT 1920 offers products that respond to new needs, trends, fashions, and use in a world where enjoying the outdoors brings well-being and happiness. As POINT 1920 celebrates its centennial, it continues to embody its founders' passion for design, innovative and international vision, and tireless quest for excellence.

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