The Camargue is an innovative terrace covering equipped with a bladed roof system, that can be closed off on both sides with wind-resistant integrated Fixscreens, glass sliding walls, Loggia sliding panels or a combination of the former. Integrated LED lighting, heating and sound perfectly complement the Camargue. With the help of these features, your terrace covering can be used from early morning until late at night and this throughout the whole year. The roof consists of extruded aluminium blades that can be tilted to adjust sunprotection and ventilation as required. When closed, the terrace covering is waterproof in case of normal rain shower. This new technology is based on two pillars: simplicity and uniformity. This simplicity and uniformity are translated into innovative, patented basic principles, which cause a modular structure. In this way, the designer can be creative in many different building situations. In spite of all these possibilities, the Camargue® can be installed in no time because of its easy construction and limited types of materials.


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