The individually extruded aluminum Linarte vertical profiles distinguish themselves in addition to the clean lines, especially in terms of creative possibilities for aesthetic façade cladding. The profiles are mounted invisibly on a horizontal underlying support structure with the use of clips. In this way, not only is deformation due to thermal expansion excluded, but primarily makes it possible that the blades – clipped piece by piece – can also be used as finishing of curved walls. With a surface treatment in a RAL-colour of choice or by means of anodisation, a Linarte façade is finished to be durable, colour-fast and maintenance-friendly. But whether it concerns fixed interior or exterior walls, integrated garage gates or doors or even Renson’s Cilium folding shutters: the finishing options are, moreover, especially without limits. With Linarte, each façade can be personalised by adding LED-, wood, aluminum or other inserts. It’s a question of unleashing your creativity, wherewith you can even design a house number or logo. Block and flat slats are available separately, but are also perfectly interoperable. Now that the Block-blades are also available in 2 depths (16 mm and 33 mm), even more combination possibilities are created.


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