The stylish, minimalist Lapure consists of a windproof, waterproof, sun protection screen roof that rests on elegant, discrete aluminum columns with no disruptive lateral connection. It is anchored to an existing façade. When the roof is closed, the Lapure provides protection from the sun, wind, and rain. When the roof is open, you can enjoy the sun as the delicate structure is not visually disruptive. There are two types of columns for the Lapure: ‘end columns’ with water drainage (via side channels and columns). Or you can also opt for ‘shifted columns’ (with roof overhang and water drainage via gutters, even when half-open). The latter has a roof overhang that juts out past the columns to provide the optimum amount of shade. This lets you enjoy enough shade, even when the sun is low in the sky, for instance. A ‘coupled’ version is also possible so that two or more roofs can be perfectly placed next to each other to Span large dimensions (only 1 column when coupled). Thanks to the wide range of colors for the structure, the Lapure blends into every environment and suits every architectural style.


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