Laguna Module 27

Laguna Module 27

Laguna Module 27

A tribute to the city of Venice and its lagoon: a landscape that changes appearance within a few hours, following the trend of tides, an ecosystem in which different animals and plants coexist. An environment in which the evocative islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello, Pellestrina and hundreds of other islets emerge as oasis in the desert. Laguna is born from this need for personalization and organization of spaces. An extremely versatile modular seating system, designed from an articulated development to meet spaces and architectures with very different characters.


Size: 175 x 80 x 68 cm Weight: 30 Kg Volume: 0,95 m3
Seat height: 38 cm

Comes in Materials:

  • White aluminum
  • Graphite aluminum


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Laguna Module 27

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