Chaise lounge

chaise loungeOutdoor chaise lounges are a must-have for anyone looking to add comfort and style to their outdoor spaces. Niche Beverly offers a variety of chaise lounges from different brands to suit any preference. Wood chaise lounges bring a classic touch to patios, while modern designs often feature materials like aluminum and metal for durability and sleekness. Wicker and resin wicker options provide a balance between traditional and contemporary looks.

For those with ample space, double or 2-person chaise lounges offer a spacious retreat. Near the pool, these lounges become essential for relaxation and sunbathing. Many designs include cushions for added comfort, available in colors like blue, gray, beige, and turquoise to match any outdoor decor.

The variety extends to styles as well. Mid-century designs cater to fans of retro aesthetics, whereas contemporary lounges fit seamlessly into modern outdoor settings. Foldable options are available for easy storage and mobility. For a luxurious touch, oversized, extra wide, or adjustable chaise lounges offer an upscale experience.

Materials like teak, plastic, and rattan ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. Round chaise lounges add a unique element to outdoor furniture collections. Comfort remains a priority, with designs that encourage relaxation and leisure.

Explore the range of outdoor chaise lounges at Niche Beverly. Whether for a patio, garden, or poolside, find the perfect chaise lounge to enhance your outdoor living experience with comfort and style.