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Founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in Varese, Italy, Missoni has evolved from a renowned Italian luxury fashion house, famous for its colorful knitwear featuring geometric patterns, to a brand synonymous with distinctive home decor through its Missoni Home line. The brand’s history is marked by significant milestones, beginning with its first collection in Milan in 1958 and gaining household name status by the 1970s. Influential figures like Anna Piaggi and Emmanuelle Kahn played pivotal roles in promoting Missoni’s unique style, characterized by inspirations from Sonia Delaunay’s abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky’s expressiveness, and the geometry of Italian futurists.

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Missoni Furniture, under the Missoni Home line, extends the brand’s flair for vibrant and eclectic designs into the realm of home decor. Offering a range of furniture that includes everything from sofas and chairs to tables and outdoor pieces, each item showcases Missoni’s signature approach to combining unique patterns and colors. Noteworthy in their sofa selection is the mah jong sofa, inspired by Hans Hopfer’s modular design, which allows for various configurations fitting any living space. The sectional sofas, like the Bobois Missoni couch, represent a collaboration of Missoni’s distinctive fabric designs with Roche Bobois’s craftsmanship.

The brand also offers a selection of unique bed designs, enveloped in their iconic upholstery fabric, providing both comfort and style for an inviting bedroom atmosphere. Missoni Furniture’s outdoor collection includes sofas and chairs crafted with durable, stylish fabrics, perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces.

In the realm of home decor, Missoni Furniture excels with items like rugs, pillows, and throw pillows that introduce color and texture to any room. The Margherita Missoni house, featured in Architectural Digest, is a testament to how these decor elements can create a vibrant and cohesive environment.

Offering a comprehensive range of Missoni Furniture, Niche Beverly caters to a variety of tastes with products ranging from the 3-seater sofa to the intricate Jong composition Missoni sofa. The brand’s collection of tables, a key element of home furnishing, includes designs from simple to elaborate, all complementing the Missoni Home aesthetic.

Missoni’s legacy, upheld by figures like Angela Missoni and Filippo Grazioli, continues to blend artistic influences into both its fashion and home decor lines. Missoni Furniture’s distinctive approach to design, featuring bold patterns and colors, has established it as a sought-after brand in the furniture market. For those looking to imbue their living spaces with the unique style of Missoni, Niche Beverly presents an extensive selection of Missoni Furniture, inviting customers to explore and transform their homes with these vibrant, eclectic pieces.



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