Bar Stools

Niche Beverly showcases a variety of outdoor bar stools, suitable for different settings and preferences. These stools, sourced from multiple brands, cater to a range of designs and functionalities. The collection includes stools made from diverse materials such as wood, metal, and plastic.

For those seeking a modern look, contemporary bar stools in grey or black offer sleek design elements perfect for a patio or balcony. Wicker and rattan stools bring a touch of the rustic and natural, ideal for garden settings. Metal stools, especially in aluminum, provide a durable and weatherproof option for outdoor dining areas.

Luxury finds its place in teak bar stools, known for their durability and unique appeal. They blend well in a backyard or by the pool, elevating the overall ambiance. For smaller spaces, compact stools fit perfectly, making them a practical choice for balconies or small patios.

The outdoor bar stool collection includes sectional pieces that can complement a sofa or chair, forming a cohesive outdoor lounge area. These pieces often come in sets with a matching table, creating a complete outdoor dining or lounge setup. Some stools are available on clearance, offering quality at a more affordable price.

In addition to standard stools, the range also features unique designs that stand out in any backyard or pool area. From rustic styles to ultra-modern lines, the variety caters to all tastes. Plastic stools offer a cheap yet functional option, while luxury pieces in materials like teak and aluminum provide an upscale choice.

For a diverse selection of outdoor bar stools, ranging from modern designs in metal to rustic options in wood, visit Niche Beverly. Whether you’re furnishing a small balcony or a spacious backyard, you’ll find the perfect bar stools to complete your outdoor space.