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Meridiani: The Epitome of Luxurious Living

Meridiani stands out in the realm of luxury furniture, known for its blend of comfort and sophistication. Niche Beverly, a distinguished retailer, proudly displays the varied collections of Meridiani, emphasizing their dedication to elegance and practicality.

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Comfort Redefined: Sofas and Beds

The sofa range from Meridiani, featuring key pieces like the hector and norton, brings luxury to living spaces. The louis and frieman sofa beds offer versatile elegance. The stone and louis beds create tranquil sleeping spaces.

Elegant Seating and Dining Options

Chairs such as the kita and forrest armchairs enhance dining and living rooms with style. Dining tables like the plinto and gong command attention in dining areas. The ralf and miller coffee tables are stylish additions.

Compact and Chic: Small Furniture by Meridiani

Meridiani also offers smaller items like the quincy and abel consoles, which combine functionality with style. The charlot pouf and ruben sideboard add unique elements to any interior.

Unique Collections: Contemporary and Elegant

The keeton line showcases contemporary armchairs and sofas. The belmon series features versatile modular sofas and daybeds. Each piece in these collections reflects designer Andrea Parisio’s modern luxury vision.

Explore Meridiani at Niche Beverly

Niche Beverly, known for its selection of fine furniture, is a prime destination for Meridiani’s collections. Their commitment to quality and style complements the Meridiani ethos.

In conclusion, choosing Meridiani is a choice for a sophisticated lifestyle. Those looking to bring this elegance home will find Niche Beverly the perfect place to start. Visit Niche Beverly to explore the distinctive collections of Meridiani and transform your living space.