Bar Tables

Niche Beverly showcases an array of Bar Tables from various brands, each distinct in style and purpose. These tables, crafted from materials like wood, metal, and glass, cater to diverse settings. In a kitchen, a high breakfast bar table becomes a focal point. It pairs well with stools for a compact yet functional space. The living room gains an elegant touch with a wall-mounted bar table. This design saves space and adds a modern flair. For a rustic feel, tables made from reclaimed wood fit perfectly.

Restaurants benefit greatly from these tables. A round table offers a welcoming vibe for small gatherings, while a rectangular one suits larger groups. The industrial look of metal tables suits a coffee shop, infusing it with a trendy, urban feel. Outdoor settings call for durable materials. Here, a square or round bar table withstands the elements. For home use, a tall table in the dining area or near an island enhances the room’s utility and aesthetics.

DIY enthusiasts find inspiration in the live edge design. It brings a unique, natural look to any space. In a pub, a mix of round and square tables creates a dynamic layout. For a more sophisticated setting, marble tables exude luxury.

Niche Beverly invites you to explore its collection of Bar Tables. Whether for a home, a restaurant, or any other space, find the perfect match for your needs.