Arpa Sofa

In the Decor collection, a great deal of attention is devoted to the collaboration with Renzo Mongiardino, whom, in order to create some of the most sophisticated homes and palazzos of the twentieth century relied on Mario Bonacina’s capability to the magic of his projects turn into reality. Throughout the years, refining the mutual understanding and professional affection, Renzo Mongiardino and Mario Bonacina looked back into the archives for inspiration and adapted many historical designs for an international and high profile clientele of refined collectors and great entrepreneurs.

Rattan structure, rattan-core weaving, cushion in polyurethane foam


Bonacina 1889

Since 1889, Bonacina 1889 has exemplified Italian excellence with its history and craftsmanship in furniture-making. The company takes pride in its specialty of using crafted rattan material developed by the Lake Como locals centuries ago. This material is unmatched for quality or design and relies heavily on artisan knowledge from the production district known as Brianza (home to many artisans). To further the proud tradition of Bonacina 1889 while embracing new ideas like creativity within communities—and not just individual designers—the company launched the “Creative Community” project. This allows everyone to become part of the creative process by offering a platform where individuals can share their vision and design skills. Each creative piece created through the project is unique and crafted from sustainable rattan, helping to promote a more conscious lifestyle. The materials used come from carefully selected sources that provide durable, high-quality rattan weave work for each item of furniture. As well as this, Bonacina 1889 works with small artisan workshops in the district of Brianza, collaborating on production methods to ensure quality at every step. Bonacina 1889 also focus on their environmental responsibility by using sustainable materials which are fully recyclable. Not only do they use natural dyes to manufacture their fabrics, but they also ensure that the whole process is respectful of the environment.


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