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Umbrosa stands as a notable name in the realm of outdoor shade solutions. This brand specializes in designing innovative umbrellas and shade products, focusing on functionality and durability. Niche Beverly proudly offers a wide range of Umbrosa products, catering to diverse outdoor shading needs.

Umbrosa epitomizes Unique Shade Design, perfectly capturing the essence of its brand. With a focus on stylish and sustainable shading solutions, Umbrosa caters to both residential and project markets. Proudly developed and manufactured in Belgium, their product line includes seven distinct umbrella collections, a series of shade sails, and four types of umbrella bases.

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The Umbrosa Paraflex Umbrella leads the collection with its flexible arm system, allowing easy adjustment to provide optimal shade. The Icarus range, another highlight, combines practicality with an eye-catching design, suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Spectra, including the advanced Spectra UX, presents a modern approach with its unique flat design and user-friendly mechanics. The Infina UX stands out for its minimalistic and streamlined look, offering an elegant shade solution without a central pole.

Umbrosa’s offerings extend to the Spectra Umbrella, a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and design innovation. This umbrella is ideal for those seeking a balance of style and functionality. The Umbrosa Parasol series further enhances outdoor spaces, providing versatile shading options. In addition to umbrellas, Umbrosa’s Ingenua range features innovative Shade Sails, perfect for creating large shaded areas with a contemporary touch.

The Cantilever Umbrella series demonstrates Umbrosa’s expertise in maximizing space and shade. This design is perfect for covering large areas without obstructing the view or space. Umbrosa Icarus, in particular, stands out for its sculptural design, adding a statement piece to any garden or patio. The Garden Umbrella range, available at Niche Beverly, offers classic shade solutions for gardens and outdoor areas, blending seamlessly with natural surroundings.

For those seeking high-quality, stylish, and durable outdoor shading solutions, Niche Beverly’s selection of Umbrosa products is the ideal choice. Explore the range of umbrellas and shade sails to find the perfect addition to enhance your outdoor living experience. Visit Niche Beverly today to discover the unique and innovative designs of Umbrosa.



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