Coffee Tables

Niche Beverly, located in Los Angeles, specializes in offering a variety of coffee tables. These tables come from different brands, featuring diverse materials and styles. Customers can find tables made of wood, including solid wood and reclaimed wood. The designs range from modern to rustic, with options for every type of living room. For a contemporary touch, glass tables are available, often in round, square, or rectangle shapes. Those preferring a mid-century or farmhouse look will also find suitable choices.

The collection includes marble coffee tables for a touch of luxury. For practical needs, many tables come with storage options. Metal features prominently in industrial designs, while antique styles reflect a time-honored elegance. The size range varies, catering to spaces large or small. Oval and grey tables offer unique alternatives, as do gold accented pieces for a splash of opulence.

Customers interested in a DIY project can find inspiration in the available selection. Ottoman coffee tables present both comfort and style. Niche Beverly invites those looking for unique and quality furniture to explore its range of coffee tables, ensuring a perfect addition to any living space.