Indoor mirrorNiche Beverly offers a range of mirrors suitable for various rooms in a house. Whether for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom, these mirrors enhance the space. In a home, a mirror serves not just as a reflective surface but also as a decorative element. A modern mirror from Niche Beverly fits seamlessly into any setting, be it a gym or a salon.

In a living room, a mirror adds depth. Placed strategically on a wall, it can illuminate a blind spot or reflect light to brighten the room. In a bedroom, a mirror becomes a personal space for grooming. It can stand alone or be part of a furniture piece. In a bathroom, it is essential. Mirrors in these spaces are often made of durable glass, designed to withstand humidity and frequent use.

Beyond the home, mirrors find their place in public spaces. A cafe or restaurant uses mirrors to create an aesthetic ambiance. An elevator uses a mirror for safety and the illusion of space. In a salon, mirrors are indispensable, often framed in chrome to add a sleek touch.

Mirrors also play a practical role. A small mirror near an entrance or a door can be a last-minute checkpoint. In a kitchen, mirrors are less common but can make the space feel larger. A mirror placed near a column or at the end of a corridor can alter the perception of space.

For those looking to add a mirror to their space, consider the collection at Niche Beverly. With mirrors manufactured by different brands, Niche Beverly ensures quality and style for any room.