We are a Haven for the “Niche” Clientele who envision their modernist home to be a harmonious flow of refinement and comfort. This philosophy is paralleled at Niche where our clients will find a gem of a collection of Unique and Couture furnishings that exude Design Integrity, Comfort and Superior attention to detail for both Indoor and Outdoor Living. Niche is the result of a personal journey by its founding partners whose experience in the world of Interior Design and Fashion introduced them to highly notable Designer from around the world whose names are synonymous with design itself. At Niche you will be able to discover exquisite designs by world renowned manufacturing companies and their collaborative designers such as Paola Lenti, Francesco Rota, Patricia Urquiola, Rodolpho Dordoni, Gruppo Kettal, Exteta, Marcel Wanders

Niche is a high end luxury showroom that carries indoor and outdoor furniture by European designers such as Paola Lenti, Kettal and Exteta. Paola Lenti is a famous Italian designer that designs unique collection of outdoor furniture that is made of rope. She also has indoor furniture such as sofa ,chairs ,stone tables. Kettal is a spanish company based in Barcelona that produces outdoor furniture. Their collections are designed by Patricia Urquiola, Rodolpho dordoni and Marcel Wanders. They use Aluminum and Teak in their furniture. Exteta is another Italian company that has a collection of handmade outdoor furniture made out of Red Cedar wood.


Modern Furniture Los Angeles

Modern furniture in Los Angeles is the new and sleek style of furniture that has come into existence over the past century. While furniture makers for thousands of years were focused on carved wood and ornamental use of precious metals, the movement toward modern furniture was meant to contradict all those ideas, and focus entirely on simplicity. Modern Furniture in Los Angeles represents the styles that are tied to the roots of what makes the city great.

Contemporary furniture in Los Angeles is focused on modern, but fun designs, and Niche Beverly is at the forefront. Niche Beverly’s clientele walk into the store and find themselves in a paradise of simple, and refined modern furniture that includes contemporary colors and patterns for the discerning customer. The founders of niche have traveled the world, experiencing all the designs available, and bringing back a taste for furniture with integrity and unparalleled attention to detail.

At Niche, we believe our clients take their pleasure seriously, and they deserve homes filled with the furniture that fits their lives. By offering the best, Kettal and Paola Lenti, we present luxury for inside and out. We offer stylish seating, dining and bedroom solutions, along with rugs, chaise lounges, and umbrellas for your patio and cabana. We even offer modern furniture in Los Angeles for your kids’ bedroom or playroom. Or collection will speak to you and your family’s refinement and sense of fun. Modern furniture in Los Angeles should both reflect and stimulate the creativity of our clients.


Contemporary Furniture Los Angeles

From Paola Lenti to Kettal, our collection of contemporary furniture in Los Angeles features exquisite pieces by some of the most celebrated and cutting edge designers from around the world. Through our world travels we have curated the ultimate line of outdoor and indoor furniture for our exclusive clientele who appreciate and celebrate the finer esthetics in design. Here at Niche Beverly, you will discover luxurious relaxation on Rodolpho Dordoni’s Bitta daybed to tables by Paola Lenti crafted in Bianco Stone or enjoy a lazy Sunday on the Wabi swing by Francesco Rota in Sassafraz wood and hand-made rope. We at Niche Beverly offer our clients sophisticated contemporary furniture in Los Angeles.

Niche Beverly opened its doors to offer a higher caliber of outdoor furniture to a market supersaturated with substandard fare. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and passionate professionals strongly believes that our clients deserve superior choices when it comes to contemporary outdoor furniture in Los Angeles. Say goodbye to the same tired old designs and mediocre craftsmanship. Say hello to an unprecedented level of classic elegance and modern functionality found nowhere else. If you want to learn more about contemporary furniture in Los Angeles from Niche Beverly, we encourage you to explore our user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website, and then contact us directly with additional questions. Welcome to our extended family at Niche Beverly!